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【Media dialogue】 Xu Yafeng, President of WINS Investment: exploring the new mode of real estate financial innovation and diversified investment
【Urban Renewal Project – Gemdale Oopcity】 A moment full of surprises has been triggered by exactly Oopcity!

WINS Investment led the acquisition of Shanghai Kangjian Plaza Project in 2019, which is a community-based business. The project is located in Xuhui District, the core of Shanghai, with a high-quality base of regional consumption and education resources and surrounding schools, so the project has great demand potential and value promotion space in education and entertainment. The upgraded Kangjian Plaza - “Gemdale Oopcity” was officially launched in December 2020. So far, it has become a community shopping center with the service theme of children's education, leisure and entertainment. Today, let's take a look at it. What changes and surprises has this urban renewal project brought to community owners in this area?



You can go to Hema to buy vegetables with your neighbor, or go to McDonald's for French fries with your child.

When the old Kangjian Plaza has transformed into the new Oopcity, these daily trifles have turned from impossibilities to possibilities.



In my memory, it used to be a shabby, yellowish and narrow space, with all kinds of signs arranged in disorder.

Before reconstruction |Real view

Today, the brick red roof, transparent spatial structure and exquisite facade image... From a distance, it looks like a romantic and dreamy “cloud factory”.

After reconstruction |Real view

The previous simple and boring spatial structure has gradually become friendly and beautiful under the cutting of sunken large stairs and architectural space.


Before reconstruction |Real view

After reconstruction |Real view

The previous small street-side shop has transformed into a fashion cafe, with an elegant and romantic cloud balcony, with its style elevated instantly!


Before reconstruction |Real viewAfter reconstruction |Real view

The background wall in the Spanish style and the modified spiral stairs are quite popular with the friend circles of Wechat.


Oopcity |Real view

In the flower bed at the main entrance, a lovely giraffe sculpture looks very vivid under the lamplight at night, making you feel as if you had entered a fairy tale world.


Oopcity |Real view



A small body with a large volume

In a volume of about 20,000 square meters, there are more than 50 high-quality brands.Fresh HEMA, Starbucks, Huawei flagship store... Bringing new choices for the last kilometer of community life.


Aunt Wang, who lives in the Tea Garden, can buy what she needs for life by walking only 5 minutes from home to Fresh HEMA.


OopcityHema |Real view


 “I used to go shopping in the vegetable market, and there was nothing else to go around. But now in Hema, I have a lot of choices and want to buy everything I see. The quality of life has been improved.


OopcityHema |Real view

Mr. Liuworks in a nearby bank. He used to worry about what to eat at noon.


 “There were few catering places around, not even a cafe. I used to eat at a roadside shop at noon. But now I look for something to eat in Oopcityat noon, such as barbecue, steak, ramen and local dishes. All kinds of delicious food make me very happy!


| A variety of exquisite delicacies



Miss Huang, who lives nearby, is a busy office worker. She entrusts her lovely baby to Aihe in Oopcity.

Oopcity|Real view


 “On weekdays, the baby attends classes here, and the entire family walk the baby here on weekends. Pet adoption, cute baby tent market... There are various kinds of activities.


Oopcity|Real view


Sometimes I go to have a manicure while waiting for my baby to end his class. I often come to Pilates after work. The fatigue of the day is released during exercise. It's really a treasure place around my home!


Oopcityis like a magnetic field of community full of gravity.

A variety of community activities have been launched here, loved by and popular with the surrounding residents.


Various kinds of service take place here, including the popularization of health knowledge, and the experience of new medical instruments.


Linkage-based sub-district health service | Free health monitoring


When Kangjian Plaza with a history of 15 years gradually withdraws from the stage, a dreamy “Cloud Factory” is emitting new vitality, with the fine beauty becoming within reach.

Here, endless joy is triggered. Here, the joy of gathering is staged. It is Oopcity full of surprises!



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